Keiki Beach

Ke Iki Beach, Hawaii: A Tropical Oasis of Tranquility


Welcome to Ke Iki Beach, an enchanting slice of paradise on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. As the waves gently kiss the pristine white sands and the palm trees sway in the tropical breeze, Ke Iki Beach beckons travelers seeking an idyllic escape. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating aspects of this Hawaiian gem, exploring its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and the myriad of activities it offers.

Location and Accessibility

Ke Iki Beach is on the famed North Shore, known for its legendary surf and breathtaking landscapes. The beach is a tranquil haven, surrounded by lush greenery and the azure expanse of the Pacific Ocean.


Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712, United States

Opening Hours24 Hours
Entrance TicketFREE

Convenient Accessibility

Despite its seemingly secluded ambiance, Ke Iki Beach is easily accessible. A short drive from Honolulu International Airport opens up a world of tropical wonder, making it an ideal destination for international and local travelers.

Natural Beauty

One cannot help but be mesmerized by the seemingly endless stretch of powdery white sands at Ke Iki Beach. The beach’s untouched beauty invites visitors to unwind and soak in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Ke Iki Beach
Ke Iki Beach

Crystal Clear Waters

The crystal-clear waters of the Pacific at Ke Iki Beach are not just a sight to behold; they also offer a plethora of recreational opportunities, from swimming to paddleboarding.

Surfing Haven

For surfing enthusiasts, Ke Iki Beach is a mecca. The winter months see impressive waves that attract surfers from around the globe. The beach has earned its reputation as a premier surfing spot, offering thrilling breaks for experts and gentler waves for beginners.

Ke Iki Beach
Ke Iki Beach

Ideal for Surfers of All Levels

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice eager to catch your first wave, Ke Iki Beach caters to surfers of all levels. Lessons are readily available for those looking to conquer the art of riding the waves.

Marine Life

Beyond the waves, Ke Iki Beach boasts a vibrant underwater ecosystem. Snorkeling enthusiasts can explore coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life, creating an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

Snorkeling Opportunities

Snorkeling at Ke Iki Beach is a magical experience. The clarity of the water allows for a close encounter with tropical fish, sea turtles, and other marine wonders. It’s a must-do activity for nature lovers.

Flora and Fauna

The beach is a haven for sun-seekers and a thriving ecosystem with unique flora and fauna. Coastal vegetation provides a picturesque backdrop, and the diverse birdlife adds a melodic touch to the surroundings.

Breathtaking Sunset Views

Ke Iki Beach
Ke Iki Beach

As the day winds down, Ke Iki Beach transforms into a canvas of colors during sunset. The breathtaking views are a testament to the beauty of nature, creating a serene atmosphere that captivates every onlooker.

Local Culture

Ke Iki Beach offers more than just natural beauty; it’s a place to immerse oneself in Hawaiian culture. Visitors can participate in traditional ceremonies, learn the hula, and gain insight into the islands’ rich cultural heritage.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Ke Iki Beach hosts various cultural events and festivals. From music celebrations to art exhibits, these gatherings provide a unique opportunity to connect with the local community and experience the vibrancy of Hawaiian culture.


For those seeking a luxurious stay, beachfront resorts near Ke Iki offer unparalleled views and world-class amenities. Wake up to the sound of waves and enjoy the ultimate tropical indulgence.

1. Turtle Bay Resort

Deeply rooted in the land, history, and multi-layered heritage of Oahu, Turtle Bay is where you can find natural beauty and a genuine connection to the warm and welcoming community. Your days will be filled with endless discoveries and places that will touch your soul as you explore the depths of this incredible coastline.

Turtle Bay Resort
Turtle Bay Resort

57-091 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731, United States


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2. Ocean Villas at Turtle Bay

Surrounded by lush greenery and ocean views, Ocean Villas offer the comfort of home and access to all amenities. It is located on the beach near the resort. These three and four-bedroom apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, a separate living room, and a private terrace.

Ocean Villas at Turtle Bay
Ocean Villas at Turtle Bay

57-020 Ilmuima Dr, Kahuku, HI 96731, United States


Spa, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Pets-friendly


3. Courtyard by Marriott Oahu North Shore

Enjoy endless relaxation at our North Shore Oahu hotel

Enjoy the benefits of paradise on the Oahu North Shore patio. Our hotel is off Kamehameha Highway and a short walk from the beach. We are also close to several popular attractions in Hawaii, such as the Polynesian Cultural Center, Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Climb WORKS Keana Farm Zipline, and Gunstock Ranch. After a day of sightseeing like a local, retreat to your spacious island-style room and relax with free high-speed Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and luxury bedding. Wake up and start your day on Oahu with a refreshing breakfast at The Bistro restaurant. After breakfast, enjoy a relaxing swimming in the outdoor pool or a fun day at the family activity center. End your busy day with a sunny lunch at The Bistro or enjoy a refreshing workout at the 24-hour fitness center. Enjoy an authentic Hawaiian experience on the North Shore of Oahu and choose the only Marriott hotel on the North Shore.

Courtyard by Marriott Oahu North Shore
Courtyard by Marriott Oahu North Shore

55-400 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie, HI 96762, United States


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Cozy Vacation Rentals

Alternatively, cozy vacation rentals allow visitors to experience Ke Iki Beach like locals. These accommodations provide a home away from home, free to explore at one’s own pace.

Outdoor Activities

Beyond the beach, Ke Iki offers scenic hiking trails that lead to breathtaking viewpoints. Lace up your hiking boots and explore the natural wonders of this tropical paradise.

Ke Iki Beach
Ke Iki Beach

Beach Volleyball and More

For those with a penchant for beach sports, Ke Iki Beach provides opportunities for beach volleyball and other recreational activities. Join in the fun, or relax and soak up the sun.

Tips for Visitors

The best time to visit Ke Iki Beach is during spring and summer when the weather is balmy and the waves are calmer. This period ensures optimal conditions for various activities and sightseeing.

Essential Packing Tips

Pack sunscreen, swimwear, and comfortable clothing for beachside relaxation and outdoor exploration. Remember your camera to capture the stunning vistas and memorable moments.


In conclusion, Ke Iki Beach, Hawaii, is not just a destination; it’s an immersive experience. From the thrill of surfing to the tranquility of sunset strolls, this tropical oasis offers every traveler a diverse range of activities. Embrace the culture, indulge in local flavors, and contribute to preserving this pristine paradise. Ke Iki Beach invites you to create memories that last a lifetime.